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The Evil And Harm Of The Innovators
Is Worse Than That Of The Kuffaar

Aboo Anas Hamad Al-’Uthmaan said:

“The evil of the Jews and Christians is open and clear to the common Muslims; as for the people of innovation, then their harm is not clear to every person… This is why the Scholars see that to refute the people of innovation takes precedence over refuting the Jews and Christians.” (1)

Ibn Al-Jawzee said: Abul Fadhl Al-Hamdaanee said:

“The innovators of Islaam and the fabricators of hadeeth are more harmful than the athiests, because the athiests desire to corrupt the Religion from the outside, and these, they desire to corrupt it from within.

They are like the people of a town who strive to corrupt it (from within), but the atheists are those who have surrounded it from the outside. So the ones who are inside open up the fortress, so they are more evil to Islaam than those who do not wear the cloak of Islaam.” (2)

And Shaykhul Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah said:

“Their harm (the people of innovations, disbelief, or misguidance) is greater than the harm of the enemies who wage war (on the Muslims). For if those people conquer (the Muslim lands), they do not corrupt the hearts (of the people) and the religion that lies within them, except afterwards.

However, those people (the people of innovations) corrupt the hearts from the very beginning.” (3)


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[Creed 52]

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